Cform Plugin adalah Plugin Contact Form Yang Memiliki banyak Fitur

Cform diketahui dan dikabarkan adalah plugin yang sangat powerfull untuk membuat kontak form diblog wordpress. Tidak hanya bisa membuat kontak form standart saja, tetapi lebih dari itu. Untuk lebih detailnya bisa langsung cek disitus developernya disini.  untuk Download link tersedia dibawah ini

Bagi yang males open link, saya copykan fitur powerfull dari situs resminya. Untuk donwload linkya ada disini dan disitu.

General Features

  • Multi-Part / Multi-Page form chains
  • “Wizard Mode” to limiaid form creation process
  • Preset forms to “jump start” your own
  • Ajax supported form submission (incl. graceful fall-back)
  • Multiple forms on one or many pages / posts
  • WP Dashboard Support (showing last 5 entries)
  • WP Comment/Message to author” Feature (supporting: extra comment fields, threaded comments, Comment Luv, Subscribe To Comment & WP Ajax Edit Comments)
  • Full localization support (see section below)
  • Tell-A-Friend functionality, see Help documentation
  • File attachments / Upload, fully configurable per form
  • Multiple upload fields allowed
  • Backup & Restore
  • Role Manager support
  • Database based tracking of submitted data (XML, CSV, TAB)
  • Cloning / duplication of forms
  • Drag and drop form management
  • Fully integrated with TinyMCE and default WP editor (via button)
  • Submission limits (e.g. registrations)
  • Timing of forms (start & end dates)
  • Widget support

Supported Form Fields

  • Inclusion of custom fields (from a post)
  • Read-only & disabled support
  • Fancy Javascript date picker
  • Configurable text elements (non input fields)
  • Custom field NAMES & ID’s
  • Various standard input fields:
    > fieldsets
    single and multi-line input fields
    select boxes (drop down)
    multi select fields
    check boxes
    check box groups
    > radio buttons
  • …and a few special ones:
    > “CC me” check box for visitors
    > visitor verification
    > multiple form recipient (drop down list)
    > password fields
    > hidden fields
  • HTML support for field labels & err, success messages
  • No resetting of form for quick resubmission


  • Clean separation of CSS styling and form code
  • Fully customizable Look & Feel (optional label ID’s and list item ID’s!)
  • CSS can be completely turned off
  • Built in CSS theme selector and CSS editor
  • Set of predefined themes

Input & Validation

  • Supporting DISABLED form elements
  • Default values for single/multi-line input field
  • Form validation & regular expressions
  • Individual error messages (HTML enabled)
  • Submission status (success/failure) optionally via Alert Box
  • Fancy error display options (inline errors, field highlighting etc.)


  • Fully customizable auto confirmation message & form email (TXT & HTML)
  • Auto confirmation messages can include an attachment
  • Message(s) can contain system variables and form based variables!
  • Multiple recipients per form (optionally selectable by visitor)
  • BCC to copy additional admin(s)

Anti SPAM / Security

  • SPAM protection Q &A
  • SPAM protection using CAPTCHA
  • Ajax driven CAPTCHA reset button
  • Full CAPTCHA image customization


  • API function to extract user data
  • APIs to control application logic
  • Post processing of submitted data via custom functions: filter and actions (see Help! page)
  • Support for alternative SMTP server (in case you can’t use PHP mail())
  • PHPmailer 2.0 included (for SSL/TLS support)
  • POP before SMTP authentication
  • Generate dynamic forms in real-time
  • Filtering & Download of recorded data
  • 3rd party email tracking support, e.g. readnotify & didtheyreadit
  • Page redirection on successful form submission
  • Alternative form action supported (please read config info!)
  • Extend your WP comment form with extra fields!

Published by:

sandy ramadian

Internet telah menjadi bagian dari hidupnya. Salah satu impiannya adalah memiliki perpustakaan pribadi dengan aneka ragam judul buku. Terutama buku agama, pengembangan diri, teknologi, internet, sastra, sejarah, dan biografi. Sedangkan olah raga beladiri adalah salah satu olah raga favorit. Namun hanya sebagai olah raga favorit, kendati hingga saat ini ia tidak melakukannya.

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